Annuvia is national provider of CPR, AED, and First Aid training services. It was founded and is run by healthcare professionals who saw the need for enhanced emergency response training in businesses and the community. With about 350,000 people dying every year from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and only 25%-33% of them receiving bystander assistance, we saw an enormous opportunity to save lives, increase workplace safety, and create safer communities.

The name “Annuvia” comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “to renew life”. We chose this name because it deeply resonated with our philosophy of doing business. As more and more studies show, increasing the preparedness of community members is not a cost, but an investment that can return as much as 16 times the investment.


Annuvia provides businesses and other organizations with customized safety, emergency response, and health/wellness solutions with the end-goal of creating healthier, safer and more prepared communities—in the workplace and beyond. Our services include product sales (automated external defibrillators (AEDs), disaster kits, etc.), training (first aid, CPR, emergency response, advanced cardiac life support, etc.), consulting, and program management (community PAD programs, corporate health and wellness programs, workplace safety, etc.).


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