New Study Shows Importance of PAD Programs

We all know that AED units save lives. We all know that time is of the essence. So, how often are AEDs used during a rescue? A new study out of England suggests that AED units are only retrieved and applied to victims before EMS arrives 1.74% of the time, a rate, according to the authors, as “disappointingly low.”

In a separate study, out of Canada, researchers identify that less than 1 in 4 cardiac arrest victims had an AED within 100 meters of the sudden cardiac arrest incident. The average, according to this 5-year study, indicates that AEDs were available, on average, within 300 meters.

What do a “disappointingly low” deployment of AEDs during a rescue and AEDs located too far from victims have in common? The fact that they both offer evidence that we need more AEDs in communities around the world!


Annuvia Helps St. Croix Island Place Another AED

Cher Will of Christiansted, St Croix, US Virgin Islands, has donated another AED to a deserving facility in St Croix. Cher Will is the project director of the AED Fund at St Croix Foundation. Cher started the fund back in 2008 after using her own personal AED to save a life, and learning the local fire station did not have one.

The recipient of this AED is American Legion Post 85 in Christiansted. In light of Cher’s impressive work and commitment to making St. Croix a “heart safe” place to live and visit, Annuvia was pleased to donate a HeartSine Samaritan AED to her cause.

“AED Superstore called me and said Annuvia heard of my project and wanted to donate an AED,” she said. “I am so proud of our vets. They have given so much for us. We need to give back to our veterans.”

Through the AED Fund and Cher’s efforts, 35 AEDs have been donated to various services (police, fire, first responders, National Guard, Coast Guard), public parks and other public locations. According to Will, “we have AEDs in 81 locations and we have 111 AEDs.” The American Heart Association has reported that, per capita, St Croix has the most AEDs in the nation.


Minnesota AED Law Could Become MORE Restrictive

Unlike many state’s AED laws, the AED ownership requirements in the state of Minnesota could become MORE restrictive with the passing of HF1971 (read full text here). The Minnesota law would begin requiring AED unit registration with one of a handful of approved registry systems, provide updates related to change of ownership, add a new policies manual, encourage AED signage, amongst other requirements.

This proposed law, like most other AED legislation, begins with the noblest of intentions, however, I see a couple holes:

  1. Registering AEDs is important, in fact its a feature of the Arch AED management system we built and use to oversee our customer’s programs. Requiring registration with one of the Bill’s systems, however, is problematic. These systems aren’t maintained in the same way Arch maintains its records. With these other systems, units are frequently found in diverse, inaccurate, locations (e.g. a random search very well could show a unit out of the desired search area). There aren’t human-based tools to approve records, so SPAM and unwanted records are included.
  2. Who owns the AED unit data? Are salespeople going to start calling? Are government officials going to start coming by your office? It is very important that AED owners’ records remain private, especially in light of the fact that these are prescriptive medical devices. We feel that opting in to share this data or, at worst, having the ability to opt-out, is the fair balance; not mandating an opt-in ONLY provision.
  3. The AED must be kept “in the location specified in the registration.” I understand the intent, as if the general public is going to rely on a unit, they need to know its there, but what happens when we add these types of new requirements? Are AED owners supposed to remember to inform the government authorities if they take their AED with them to a an off-site retreat or to a sporting event? If they don’t remember and there’s an incident, are they now more likely to be sued and held liable since they’d explicitly be violating a new provision of the law?
  4. Proponents of this Bill cite that the increased regulations will help AED owners remember to replace their AED batteries and electrode pads as well as receive warning of AED recalls. Not so fast. Annuvia and other AED distributors can make such a claim, because, well, we sell AEDs…is the state of Minnesota picking up a new line of business? Also, where in the law are these items mentioned? They’re not.

Does adding more requirements encourage AED ownership or hurt it? That’s the primary question we need to ask and answer.


What’s the Difference Between the Samaritan 300P and the New 350P?

By now, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, HeartSine only sells and ships the HeartSine Samaritan 350P  PAD AED unit. The 350P is the latest make and model from HeartSine to receive 510k clearance for shipment in the United States. The 300P is the “older” model, shipped prior to November, 2013. The 3ooP and the “new” 350P look almost identical, so what’s the difference between the two?

Well, the short (and not so fascinating answer) is that there are very few differences. According to HeartSine’s 510k clearance letter for the 350P, the differences include:

  • Addition of CPR coaching prompts
  • CPR metronome and complies with the AHA’s 2010 guidelines
  • Larger capacity battery, which leads to a longer standby life
  • More intuitive LED
  • refined arrhythmia algorithm
  • Saves more data, when turned on and operational
  • Logging of additional types of event information
  • Addition of new, FAA-approved Pad-Pak

So there you have it! According to this author, the main thing to note is that this shows HeartSine’s commitment to continually advancing and innovating their product line. If you’d like to learn more about the 35oP, see a demo, or place an order, let us know. We’d be happy to help!  Visit our HeartSine store to learn more.


New AED Store Makes Buying Defibrillators Easier than Ever!

Check out Annuvia’s new AED store. You can buy what you need, when you need it. We hold some of the AED industry’s greatest quantities of AED electrode pads and batteries, new units, and CPR Supplies. Order today. Ships today. All supplies are fresh, maximizing the life of the products you purchase. All orders of $99 or more receive FREE UPS ground shipping!

Package your AED unit with our Arch medical direction AED management program so you’re never left with AEDs that are out of compliance. Arch can help you track all aspects of your program, from CPR training records to supply tracking, and even even EMS registration forms that might be required in your area.

Arch, unlike any other AED management system in the world, combines your detailed AED records with our unmatched e-commerce capabilities, offering you several novel features.

  • We can place orders in advance, saving you time, money, and the stress of tracking orders.
  • You pay when the order ships and we can set exactly when you’d like that to occur. Do you have several different AEDs with different expiration dates? If so, we can add your orders in today, and they’ll ship before your current supplies expire.
  • Have a large program, with a lot of AEDs? We can ship one-off packages to any number of locations (remember, all orders of $99 or more get free ground shipping!)

If you’re interested in learning more about our products or services, just let us know. We’d love to chat, share more, and show you a demo of our services.


Happy Holidays From Annuvia

Happy New Year!

At Annuvia, we’re very excited to enter the New Year. With operations expanding across the United States, we’ve found great success with our group CPR classes and first aid training courses. Since all of our courses are taught by full-time healthcare providers with years of clinical experience, our clients continue offering wonderful training reviews and feedback.

We continue to expand our operations, offering high quality CPR in Los Angeles, Houston, New York and everywhere in between.

Thank you for your partnership and commitment to helping Annuvia train lay-people in life-saving skills.


Check Out Our Reviews

One of the best ways to evaluate a CPR AED Training company before hiring them for your next training session is to read their reviews. The more reviews a company has and the better their rating, typically means the better your experience will be. Annuvia’s reviews are updated regularly. We share the honest truth, posting all ratings, the good and the bad, so you know just how we’re doing.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, contact us today!


Big AED Unit Announcements Coming in 2012

We’re excited to make an announcement of a pending announcement! Some big news is coming to the AED unit and AED medical direction/oversight industry. Stay tuned….!


Learn More About AED Laws and Proposed Legislation

Knowledge is power. We’ve launched a new AED laws section to the Arch website so that you can learn more about AED laws, rules, and legislation – nationally. Select your state to learn what AED requirements you might face and how you can build a legally-compliant AED program.

Arch offers AED owners legal compliance solutions nationally. Contact us to learn more or to start a FREE demo!


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